Standards, policies, procedures & commitments.

Environmentally conscious print production using sustainable materials with security & quality assured.


i-print mk is committed to recycling, reducing waste, and lowering energy and water consumption wherever possible.

We’re also mindful of our overall carbon footprint and emissions, and actively focus on practical and realistic solutions for reduction – not relying on purchased carbon offsetting for carbon neutral/zero claims.

We offer and recommend a wide choice of FSC accredited substrates which are guaranteed sustainable.

Help us to help you by always using a local supplier or service. Think local.

Quality & Efficiency

We often flout the laws of physics and economy to produce high-quality print in record time without great expensive. However; please be mindful of crying wolf. It’s simply not possible to pick up the slack on every job for every client all the time. So we ask you kindly to choose only 2 of the following options at any one time:

Good [quality]
Fast [turnaround]
Inexpensive [prices].

Privacy & Security

We’re GDPR/ICO compliant with our data protection practices.

We securely destroy (and where possible also recycle) any and all sensitive information.

Please be mindful of any data that you supply to ensure that you/we have consent to print, store or process it!